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oliver wendel holmes

We often hear the phrase “change is good”, it is often an overused and clichéd phrase; a filler for awkward pauses.

Kinda like LOL.

We have to admit however that some change is good…great even!

We go through many stages in our lives and we have many graduations…some incremental and some larger than life so to speak.

As poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. once said:

“The mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It can be decidedly uncomfortable to have this change occur, although the fact that it is happening means that, whether you believe it or not, it is an elective experience. While it is quite exhilarating in the midst of this change, to now go about your daily life in this transformative state initially can be quite painful and confounding.

Don’t worry, you get to be a pretty flower after or a marvel super hero of your choice!

You can find yourself in the throes of dissatisfaction because your conversations have changed and bouncing back at you… sometimes this can call for change in your choice of sounding boards.

You may even try to change back to your pre-metamorphosis state because “This is Bulls…t!” No it isnt…this is transformation.

You have expanded…your mind, your consciousness…what you look for in a lover, a friend…yourself.

Your expectations are a lot more discerning and you first and foremost set for yourself a higher standard.

I know what you’re thinking…”I have lost myself, lost who I am”

Not in the least…you are still who you are…you have just reached in and pull on your potential and dared yourself to grow exponentially.

You have experienced your summer.

Your petals have emerged and you have discovered that you are more than green stems…that you have vibrant color and soft silky petals and you have pollen to share that help others thrive.

Rally through the first stage of discomfort with the understanding that you might unfortunately lose friends and acquaintances and some might chose to examine you from afar as if you are moldy cheese.

Before you instinctively smell yourself, remember …you are now gourmet; artisanal even…

Now…I must emphasize that a true transformation has nothing to do with ego and hubris but has everything to do with growth and the expansion of your potential. The fact that this often comes with a change in our circle is completely normal and natural for our self-care, growth and increased potential.

You don’t have to cut people from your life, you just need to change their gradient of impact on you…to increase or decrease that is the question.

I believe our ultimate goal is to be better humans, to develop ourselves, share with others, save the trees (we all have a little tree hugger in us) and in our lifetime experience world peace!

It all starts with us being our most authentic, putting our best foot forward (I don’t even know what this means, both my feet are best! I have a good side, but a best foot, I don’t think so!)

Anyway… my point is…grow, bloom, find out if you are a purple flower or a pink one, or yellow or…

You are much more than green stems.

Yours Truly,

Purple Flower and sometimes Storm and Cat Woman.