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I haven’t written on the blog in a long time so as the New Year begins this is somewhat of a reflective posting.
I’m sharing with you some insights I have gained throughout the past year.
All of my experiences I try to learn from and 2014 was a year of many lessons.
As I walked through some personal experiences; the people around me who were privy to it shared their thoughts and only a treasured few saw it for what it truly was; a time of growth and blessings.
I’m not knocking the ones who had a different vision…they are all my friends and people I treasure in my life. They however, showed me things that made me sad.
They showed me that a lot of people are living very limited lives akin to gangrene, upon which they put the prettiest, brightly colored bandage and ignore the fact that an appendage or two may fall off and that they face imminent death.
I found that people place an inordinate amount of importance in the material things of life while they ignore their heart, mind and their inner peace.
Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not advocating for a pious life of poverty and downtrodden-ness (is that even a word!?); having material possessions can certainly make ones’ life easier and more comfortable and you can buy more shoes!
What I indeed advocate for is perspective and the understanding that in the grand scheme of things; you the animate, is decidedly more important than things.
The charge is to take care of your peace. Erase drama from your life and do not welcome it. Shut the door in its face.
As someone said; probably for different reasons…”who’s house!?” Understand clearly that your life is your house and you and you alone have the responsibility to keep it free from crap!
Some of the decisions you have to make to “clean your house” are sometimes not easy but it has to be done and only the strong ones can make this call and follow through.
On the outside these things may look selfish to others but again…it must be done.
So while this posting is somewhat of a reflective one; it is also one bearing hard on the future, on happiness and peace and in the pursuit of such.
This state of being does not rest in our families, lovers or God forbid! Our careers!
It lies in the naked evaluation of ourselves (which we have no obligation to share with anyone), and admitting things to ourselves that we may never admit to another living soul. Our Sh**ty ways most definitely included! The things that are usually so hard to face about ourselves.
The man/woman in the mirror!?
Do not make a resolution; that Auld Lang Syne cliché on New Year’s Eve is not a resolution; it’s an eighty percent drunken promise you won’t remember in the morning!

With a clear head, DECIDE to protect your peace, (recapture it, for those who have given it away or sent it off with the rest of the garbage to a Michigan landfill) Protect your dream and pursue it.
Decide to be happy.
Now, before you go all ape sh*t on me; this is not a promise of some kind of Nirvana, Utopia where there are no sad days and that some moron isn’t going to come out of the woodwork; open the door to their car and ding the hell out of your ride and drive away!
Life is beautiful, and yes it is a rose garden! But for those who don’t know, there are quite a few thorns on rose bushes, but they are amazing beautiful and smells divine.
💜 Andrea.