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Here I am on a Sunday afternoon actually heading out the door and this thought came to me, “why do some women, by default or something else, give men permission to make them a sex object?”
Before I go further, let me clarify that I’m not by any stretch implying that those women “asked” for it by the way they dress or otherwise.
These days especially with the proliferation of social media, the objectification most times take place in writing, photos etc. and this public forum is an immediate invitation for other men to join in.
The most disturbing aspect for me is that some men do this with the woman they are “seeing”.
Now, I’m no prude and my man can be dirty with me, and talk dirty to me; as a matter of fact I believe this can be a critical part of foreplay. What I won’t “allow” is the public objectification of myself on social media or any media or in social groups and I certainly won’t “like” it!
Is the ease with which these women accept this as natural behavior rooted in a lack of self confidence or self esteem?
And for the men with the penchant to do this, is their need for this rooted in affirming their sexual prowess; a kind of badge of honour?
So, at this point I will answer the question on your mind; No I am not a feminist; Neither am I misandric
My growing fear for the men who continually objectify women is that they will eventually devolve into misogyny and then…I don’t know; they become lost men?
I am not naïve to the fact that just as some women discuss their sexual encounters with their best friend, some men do the same; with their best friend. I personally have no objection to that; but that’s me.
My observation has been that not every woman who sexually entrance these men are dealt the same cards; some women are treated with the highest respect and they would never dream of objectifying them.
As a matter of fact, these women are completely desired, sexually and intellectually and not seen as a walking vagina.
My question is; what is the dividing line?
I believe it has a lot to do with how these men perceive women and the cues that they pick up on interaction. They then attached a value.
Could it be that some women are afraid of that man walking away that they acquiesce and become “okay” with being a sex object? Hmmm… Food for thought.
Obviously I don’t have answers; maybe I never will, but these are some of my observations, questions and concerns. Maybe the thought has entered your mind as well…?