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There are a myriad of things people are afraid to do or to say for fear that their actions will be view negatively. Some things must be done to accomplish our purpose; your mission.
When one has been dubbed leader, they must lead as this is their mission.
Life is about growth and an expansion of self and we really must lead the charge once we have been dubbed ~ “to honour with a new title or description”.
Many people traverse this life without ever finding their life purpose; what makes them complete.
If you have found what makes you tick and smile with joy or bounce around when you think of it or do it; be an inspiration.
Step into your purpose as a leader and mentor. Do not belittle your purpose by not embracing the assigned mission.
You cannot learn much or grow exponentially among those who are content to remain in the same place. Keep them in your life, remember them, be around them, though always with the clear understanding that your journeys are different and while they are loading the van to go for a road trip you are in a gravity influenced simulator preparing for your trip to the moon. ~ Luvninasimone

You are set apart; do you not know this?
Selected, chosen, sent on a mission
You are chosen to lead; are you not aware?
Entrusted with treasures to keep and some to share
Elected to guide the aimless by works and by example
You are to be the stuff of inspiration
Poster boy for “It can be done!”
To show all that quality indeed trumps quantity
To teach the path of discerning taste; discerning choices
To be knighted mentor, genius, savant.
To step into the role of extraordinary
To stand tall and be strong
You are not meant to become lost among the masses
You wear a crown and a kings robe
Step proudly with humble heart into your monarchy
Not to rule but to lead
To tread new, exciting unfamiliar paths
This is your moment; this is your purpose; this is your life
You are set apart, do you not know this?