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Its been over a month since I wrote a post and it feels exhilarating to start sharing again!
As you know I post a lot about life and the human condition, whether it be through poetry, music or metaphoric analogies.
Today its just raw truth…as I see it.
As adults we have a constant problem with follow through, some of us wrestle with getting started and some of us wrestle with closing the deal; others wrestle with both.
Some have a myriad of ideas on the table; which remain on the table, some get halfway there and can’t seem to ejaculate, they just keep humping away and can’t birth the damn thing!
It is my belief that all of this is tied to our level of courage.
Whatever we have an enduring passion for cannot be dealt with in a nonchalant or half-assed way, it requires an immersion of ourselves; usually more than we are comfortable with.
This is where our courage comes in and separates the men from the boys.
Some are content to sit on the fence and wait for others to make decisions for them. It’s been called by default.
There is nothing more fascinating than seeing the courage of someone and the integrity that comes with it.
Time is really the worse thing we can waste, so don’t do it! And while you’re at it, don’t waste anybody else’s either!
Life comprises many things; fun, love, adventure, shenanigans etc.
All of this needs to be achieved on the backdrop of balance, and what it takes is courage and a sense of responsibility (yes, I know some of us get hives just seeing the word responsibility!) to achieve this.
We can’t prance around in a deluded juvenile catatonia all our lives.(yes, I know I have “prance” and “catatonia” in the same sentence!)
To achieve all we want; even the secret dreams, the ones we don’t share with anyone; we need to engage our courage and follow through. We need to close the deal. Please; be a Closer.