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I woke up this morning in a more than thankful frame of mind. Each day I am thankful for every blessing but today my heart sang with gratitude.

No; all my dreams didn’t come true, there was no financial windfall, there were no bells and whistles. As a matter of fact, today I am irritable, I feel grungy…and not grungy chic, my body is achy and the weather is gloomy. But I am oh so grateful…so thankful, so happy for my blessed life.

The people I love are succeeding and fulfilling their dreams and so am I, I have a loving family, beautiful friendships and an amazing best friend!  

I spoke to my baby brother last night and he sounded happier than he has sounded in months, my baby sister and I said “Hey” this morning. Everyone is doing wonderful and rising above challenges.

And I am so happy I can feel…albeit today its irritability and achy body but I CAN FEEL!

I am alive and I don’t mean just breathing; I am ALIVE! The cells in my body are not lounging in lethargy; they are set in readiness for my next move, my next achievement.

I am thankful for simple goals. (I am determined to conquer the sleeping hero pose in my yoga class! And yes…I have plans for sleeping hero!)

But I digress…

I am grateful today for the big things. The big things are not lots of money, the mansion on the hill or wherever, not the most luxurious car (by the way, the value of cars depreciate like a mo’ fo’. You drive it to the edge of the lot and it worth 10,000 dollars less, just sayin’)

I am thankful for the people I love and the people who love me. And I’m grateful for the ones who don’t love me and whom I don’t love.

The moral of this oratory is that everyone and everything brings something to our lives and we should view every joy and every pain with raised eyes, outstretch arms and grateful heart. ~ LuvNinaSimone