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courage mark twain
I have always known what I wanted. There was a brief point in my life when I became somewhat conflicted about what I wanted as opposed to what was “sensible”, best for me or what looked right under the glare of society’s blinding light. Ugh! Thank God it was brief!
I despise being conflicted. During that period in my life, I didn’t make very good decisions; they were not the worst decisions by any stretch but they were not the best ones either.
The most important thing in life is to be sure of what you want and take the necessary steps to achieving it.
What percentage of us is brave enough to follow through is the pertinent question.
I am fully resolved with living a life unharnessed by society’s bridle.
So before you start the argument for a prognosis of delusions and hallucinations for me, let me clarify a few things. In today’s world I know it is literally impossible to live the unharnessed life, but I do try very hard! I also think that the concept that there is the existence of true democracy is more than passé! But I digress!
The reality is that there are only a few things in our lives that we have complete control over. We have jobs, houses, cars, we eat sleep et al and all of this comes with a lot of dictation and leashes which we can either accept or take off to the place of our choice, by plane nonetheless, to prance around bare-breasted and/or bare-assed and live off the land. Not such a bad option I might add, as the diet would be straight Paleo, which is awesome! Hunter Gatherer!
So while we have no control over many things, we do have reign over some. We can decide who deposits into our lives, we can decide who we bring close or keep at arms length or ten foot pole. We can decide how determined, strong or courageous we are going to be.
We can decide to make our decisions based on courage and not fear.
Do we put limits on our selves or do we decide that we are limit less?
Choosing to be as authentic as we can be takes bravery and forthrightness. The first and most important ingredient for authentic living is honesty.
The first thing we have to do is face the mirror and be bare faced with ourselves. We need to look into our souls and acknowledge our fears and the crap we carry around. What are the things that make us cry and curl up in the fetal position. What makes us afraid?
These are things we must face and design a plan to overcome them thus moving ourselves to the next level.
Authentic living is a graduated process and we cannot skip a step.
Some elements and/or people in of our lives will always suck the life out of you and rarely, if ever, bring life in. Contacts with such energy make us want to take a long nap because the exhaustion is so profound!
Authentic, real, open-faced, whatever adjective you apply to it, decide to live a life of courage and not fear. Be a leader, cut through all the brush and make a path instead of looking for one already made and stepping carefully in the footprints.
Decide to be your loudest and most enthusiastic cheerleader and be the one to call the shots in your life.
Move forward with fervor, face life each day with aplomb and dance…yes dance…dancing is good! ~ LuvNinaSimone