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Bright red, just begging to be opened…the cover…


old and weathered…the spine… 


Title Page…William Shakespeare’s complete works…


The tragic story…Macbeth…

My two best friends and I have a rather morbid fascination with William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.
It all started in high school and with the quote “Come to my woman’s breast and take my milk for gall…” I kid you not!
Immature teenagers we were, fascinated by the fact that we got to say “breast” out loud in class! Yes those were simple times and we were the innocents.
I remember we giggled a lot and said the quote over and over again even out of class.
We were good students, we studied a lot ok!
So began our love for this tragedy of a play. It showed us a side of life we had yet to experience. People who were close to you, whom you loved, but who could also betray you and orchestrate your demise.
At that time we didn’t fully understand the darkness, Thank God!
So we watched the cruel Lady Macbeth, coax her husband Macbeth into killing King Duncan and become Queen of Scotland.
We watch awestruck at this wicked plot and the scenarios which emerged from it.
Lady Macbeth became guilt-ridden and descended into madness trying to; but unable to wash Duncan’s “blood’ from her hands and she eventually took her own life.
Macbeth also lost his life and his head.
This play had us captivated, much like “Lord of the Flies”, I think because it exposed us a little to the dark side of the human condition.
The plot was well written and took us on an adventure. I believed this play sealed without a doubt, our love for Literature and reading.
The fact that the play was a sad tragedy was relevant but not absorbed by our innocent minds.
We loved the poetic writing of William Shakespeare, almost romantic even.
We love that there were scenes, parts, soliloquies. There were battles fought with shield and spears, there were witches and a heath. There were dreams, prophecies, parables that you had to decipher.
I getting excited just writing about it! I takes me back!
In high school we were our own Macbeth Cliff’s notes and what a ride it was!
It had our brains working, our minds thinking, it had us going back to the 1600’s while we role played.
Ok, I’m stoked! I know what my week-end reading is going to be! I’m so going to dive into my 1927 leather bound copy of The Complete works of William Shakespeare. I may even read Troilus and Cressida while I’m at it!


Troilus and Cressida.