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It never goes away; the fire
The love that burns deep inside the recesses of your heart
It’s intensity is with you always, your ever present companion
This love hugs you, caresses you, taken away by its beauty is how you live
It’s a little scary, crazy even.
It brings a smile to your lips when you’re all alone
This love fire pours out of you unbidden, it enrobes you in a brilliant glow
Everyone can see it
This is how it is when love comes to stay
It puts a lilt in your step
You often stop mid task when this love pops into your thoughts to say hello
You greet…hello love…hello lover
You open your eyes to the morning sunshine with this love
You bid the moon a lunar bonne nuit with this love in your heart
This is the love that is here to stay; this is the only love
The one you had no idea was on its way; the one that took you by sweet surprise
The unlikely love, the love you longed for and never knew
The love transcending limits and expectation
This is the love for the ages; the love that cannot be denied
It is in every part of you. Your heart is taken, encapsulated by this love
This love has come to the end of its journey
This great love has come home.