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I feel you always.
Today; For the pain; for your cuts and bruises, I send you salve.
I kiss your forehead checking your temperature.
My hands knead across your back for shoulders stiff with tension.
Relax my love; the worry disturbs your focus
Lie back, rest your head on my lap; let it all go
Free your thoughts let your mind go blank; respite from the churning in your brain.

Your head is aching; my fingers cooled by the seasons’ draft caress your temples.
I feel your troubles evaporate and your body begin to grow limp as you ease into comfort
You are cold; I wrap my arms around you, I feel you grow warm.
Your breath becomes deeper; even, you drift, body becoming heavy
Yes; relax my beloved
Sail away on soft clouds into the land of dreams

All is forgotten, your thoughts are clear; you dream of love.
When you rise you will be renewed.
All will be viewed with fresh eyes; body animated by fresh energy
There is never a need to worry; the yellow brick road will take you home
Your journey is a treasured one.
It is the light at the end of the tunnel; your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.