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spilling dark beer
Picture the head (Kräusen) of a really great beer as it get poured into a beer mug or a pilsner. It’s a thing of beauty and a definite pre-requisite for the discerning beer connoisseur.
I am however, not within that group. Yes I do have the occasional bottle of beer and I don’t remember ever having draft or keg beer.
So why am I talking about beer and its head? You would never guess, so I’ll tell you.
I sat today thinking of my love and in that moment it felt like the love was overflowing from me and I could not contain it. My very intense personality immediately coined the image of keg beer being poured by a non-expert, and the frothy foam of this libation escapes the rim of the pilsner and cascade into a beautiful foamy waterfall down its side and settles into a peaceful pool at its base.
This may sound far from romantic and believe me, I am the consummate romantic!
Who I am is also a unique and non-normal individual whose mind is off the grid. Hence I feel the glow of my love and it is (on this occasion) akin to draft beer and its head.
Now when stuff like this happens, I don’t throw that visual in the garbage as inappropriate and try to concoct a visual that is more on grid and “normal”, kinda like “Pleasantville”. Have you seen that movie? You should.
As I was saying…I’m quirky, kinda weird and love that people think I’m “normal” until I speak. The double take is priceless!
P:S. That same quirky, nerdy, weird is one of the many things I love about my beloved.