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Many sides of you I’ve seen.
Animation that sets your body to movement when you get happy.
I have seen the annoyed side of you.
When you begin a sentence with my name and then a pause.
Stern. I am less chatty, didn’t think I could be.
You don’t stay mad.
I have seen the driven purpose of you.
The unwavering focus of a man on a treasured journey.
The courage of you is palpable; your bravery covers you like a second skin.
Believing in yourself to the Nth degree.
This I so love to see.
You know what you bring, confident yet humble.
Ego doesn’t drive you.
Your innate abilities are powered by hard work.
Thankfully, I’ve never seen you blazing mad.
I do believe you can be. A rare occurrence I think.
The fire in your eyes is of a different kind.
Your mischievous side I’ve seen. My favourite.
Your eyes twinkle and go a shade lighter.
I love to look at you, in you, the soul of you
I see a mind engaged, and a soul on fire.
I feel when you’re off kilter, distracted by a matter pressing.
You oh so hate distraction when you create
Definitively you, The Whole Brotha’
Moving forward, light speed engaged
Working, securing, bringing to fruition
Your first and fervid dream.