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Olivia: “Fitz…what are you doing?! Fitz: “Using my super power!”

Is there something wrong with the fact that I LOOOOVE Olivia Pope?
Ok, so that question was rhetorical, I find nothing wrong with the fact that I love her.
And I also find nothing wrong with her, in case you’re asking.
And yes, I do know that she is a fictitious character, an actor playing a part. But Ooooo how I looove the part!
Olivia, portrayed by Kerry Washington is the strong confident woman, who is rendered time and time again to a gelatinous mass by one man. Her Fitz. 
She decides a million times to forget him; she throws away her cell phone which she uses for their conversations, then digs in the garbage like a woman possessed to retrieve said tossed cell phone when it rings. Ohh Olivia, you could bear my name.
Now, Olivia is no snivelling, tragic girl wallowing in self pity. She is strong, learned, confident, and she is a fixer and gladiator. She also wears the white hat. She is a good girl embracing her yin and yang. I like that.
So just a reminder again, I do know this is a fictitious character portrayed by an actor. Just thought I would jam that in to dispel that thought in your head about me living in a TV show!
Ok, back to Olivia. She has mad unapologetic, “to the moon and back” love for Fitz and he has the same for her. They both don’t care about being vulnerable with each other because their hearts are entwined and connected and they know how they both feel.
Again people, I know it’s a TV show!
I’m a big fan of that love, not the thinly diluted business transactions I see passing for love these days.
For the record Fitz is the President of the free world and is married. President Fitzgerald Grant is portrayed by actor Tony Goldwyn.  Melly is his wife and though she is manipulative and scheming I really feel sorry for the hurt she feels knowing that she is not the mate of Fitz’s soul. These are some of the curve balls that life throws at you when you least expect.
Before you begin to vilify this here blogger and crown her lover of the home wrecker, I do not advocate or condone cheating. What I do know is that when you meet “The One”, if you are not free, you have quite a quandary on your hands.
Ok, back to this love that I am voyeur of. Olivia sometimes feels bad for Melly. Fitz, I don’t know, maybe in rare moments.
What I do know is that these two kids love each other in an epic way and they are living day to day right in the middle of shenanigans involving the White House and the world at large.
Olivia and Fitz know exactly where they want to end up (in each other’s arms for good) whether that’s going to happen, is for us Scandal fans to find out. So we wait, always with bated breath for the next episode, the next season. As always, perched on the edge of our seats!