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Un-filtered Selfie of the Day!

“Selfie” has been declared the International word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.
Did the selfie just implemented its chutzpah and achieve this notoriety on its own?
Me thinks the selfie had a bit of help.
With the renaissance of mobile technology came the smart phone equipped with camera, then cameras that you flip to face you with a touch of a button or swipe of a finger.
Then there was high definition, crop features and a plethora of filters to turn your mug shot into art, cartoons or photo shop the f**k out of it!
All of these wonderful things came to the aid of the now famous “Selfie”.
It also doesn’t hurt to have the First Lady Michelle Obama posting a selfie with the first dog Bo or Former Secretary of state Hilary Clinton posting one with her daughter Chelsea.
Pope Francis had a selfie posted. Damn! Anyone of any consequence has posted a selfie!
There is however some selfie snobs, but I believe that they are in the minority.
I have also made my own humble contribution to the now celebrity status of the selfie. You’re welcome!
Here’s to the smiling selfie, mean muggin’ selfie, fashion selfie, the mirror selfie and the list goes on and on
Remember though, leave some selfies unfiltered, we all don’t look perfect all the time, get a grip and keep it real!
Selfies Rock!! ~ LuvNinaSimone