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I begin this post with a ~ Disclaimer: This post is in no way mocking the mentally ill or making light of this disease. Mental illness is a real issue and in no way something to trivialise. Any mockery detected in this post is geared toward those people who lived in the 1800’s and were responsible for committing individuals to insane asylums for ridiculous reasons.” ~ LuvNinaSimone 

insane asylum

Last week, some of my co-workers and I had a really good laugh at the office. One co-worker had unearth (for whatever reason) a list of reasons/conditions that would land someone in the insane asylum in the 1800’s. When I saw this list my first instinct was to guffaw (which I did!). I also checked off all the reasons which would apply to me had I lived in the 1800’s. I must say that there were a lot of check marks when I was done!
Personally I enjoy being a little crazy, its just like that extra dollop of whip cream on a slice of tasty lemon meringue pie!
I thought about it after I was done laughing, and for one was glad I had not lived in the 1800’s. I then thought about all the people who lived then and had ended up in a insane asylum for ridiculous reasons.
I felt sad for those individuals.
While looking at this list, I realized that many people (myself included) would have qualified, hands down! Though among other things, I have never been kicked in the head by a horse, though sometimes I feel like I have been!   
I love that a lot of the people who surround me are wonderfully unique and are so proud to be. I love them all for their kaleidoscope personality, bringing those bursts of colour that make me smile when I have a frown.
While I read the list, I also wondered if it was real or a really good prank…well…its real!
This admissions list was from the  West Virginia’s Hospital for the Insane (Weston) aka Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum back in the late-1800s.