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      fire fist 

I continue to be enthralled but not surprised.
I remain ecstatic and proud.
Everything I see with my heart is now tangible
Ive always seen this fire in your soul
It now flows from you like hot molten lava
A waterfall of fire, majestic and beautiful, I am captivated.
I cannot avert my gaze.
You; a treasure, polished and gleaming, a precious diamond.
Your strength and courage in the forefront
Midnight oil burning, focus; on steady, dreams at work
You are creator, keeper and protector of the dream
Protector of your dream.
You are courageous warrior, brave soldier
Multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-dimensional
Tried by fire
All and more rolled into one
Sweet Chocolate Teddy         
~ LoveNinaSimone
courage chinese