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•Decree stone •Physical •Tangible •Object.
•Provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

“The Rosetta Stone contains a Greek translation of a decree written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Scholars fascinated by ancient Egypt during the 18th century could not decipher the meaning of many hieroglyphics carved into temples and monuments. Hieroglyphs and the simpler demotic script disappeared when Greek, Christian and Arabic civilizations controlled Egypt”. ~ Wikipedia


For my purposes and context, the Rosetta Stone is the wide doorway into Knowledge.
I visualize this door as an extra wide double door…Red in colour and dying to be opened.
When I stand before it the excitement builds and I rush eagerly to throw these beautiful double doors wide open and throw myself inside! The experience is indescribable…
Beyond these doors is not always beautiful, sometimes there is grunge and things better left unlearned…These doors… I will open… Always… Without hesitation. Self Flagellation?…No…Expanded Learning. ~ LuvNinaSimone