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the evolved man


The Evolved man has a high attraction factor and a clear sense of the woman who is an ideal fit with his purpose. He doesn’t settle for a woman- he seeks and pursues the one who inspires him to live with magnificence.

Men who lack purpose can’t find all the qualities they’re looking for in one woman, so they either have more than one or pine for the qualities they fail to attract.

Those who don’t have the emotional support of a partner who trusts and believes in them turn to video games, emotional affairs and venting to friends and places like Facebook where they can retreat when challenged.

Those who can’t attract a partner who finds them irresistible turn to pornography, prostitution or affairs to fulfill their need to feel desirable.

Men are born with a need to throw themselves into something of significance – a feeling of achievement and conquering a near impossible task that no other man can claim.

The Evolved Man experiences a genuine sense of purpose and accomplishment as he invents, creates, pursues and conquers something no other man can do the same way.

He pours his soul into improving something in society, medicine, relationships, business, sports, exploration or he shows up in his job every day to make a difference in the lives of all those he touches.

It’s not his job that defines him, his purpose does. Whether he’s a general or a taxi driver, a business owner or a cable repairman, he is passionate about being of magnificent service in everything he does.

He doesn’t truly feel like a man until the evidence of his magnificence is revealed by people’s desire to follow him. Evolved men naturally attract this while lesser men attempt to force people to follow them by being bossy.

There is also a phenomenon among single dads who attempt to substitute leadership of their children (who have a forced reliance on them) with leadership of other adults. Evolved men inspire their children AND adults to rise to heights they didn’t know they were capable of.

Women are attracted to an Evolved man’s inspiring leadership, but Nice Guys (and decent dads) lack the charisma of inspiration, and the Bad Boy’s bossiness eventually reveals his true insecurities.

Don’t settle for a man who settles for being less than magnificent. Wait for the man who is inspired enough by his purpose to do the work necessary to take on the challenge of leadership in his own life and in the service of others.

The man who does will find woman who believes in him, supports him, spoils him and finds him irresistibly desirable.

Graham R White ~ What Evolved Women Want