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Love survives many things. It survives because love is more about giving than receiving. It is selfless.
Do you ever wonder about some lovers and their capacity to survive adversity?
How people can travel the circumference of the world and come back to each other?
Lovers unable to extricate themselves from one another.
That interconnectedness that both surprise and intrigue?
Many relationships go on for a long time for many reasons. Now before I make my point, let me say, this post is not an affront to or jaded look at love and relationships. Goodness sakes no! Those whom I love know that I am the consummate romantic and I have an indomitable belief in love.
My love in a food analogy would be the sweetest, gooiest most delicious tasting cinnamon bun that causes you to lick all ten fingers over and over again, just so you don’t lose the taste.
So, there you have it! Ok, colourful, graphic description out of the way, lets carry on.
Some relationships go on for a long time but they don’t thrive or even survive. They die and go uninterred for years for the sake of stability, children, security etc.
These relationships carry years of stink in the form or resentment, arguments, dislike and children who sometimes emerge not very well adjusted because they had to watch this death over and over again.
And truly, the reasons for going on were not really achieved because no one is necessarily stable, no one feels secure.
I don’t claim to be an expert on love and relationship. Who I am is a person in love and determined to live an authentic life.
I am also one who believes in soul mates. I believe that out there in the world there is one with a missing a rib that I am bearing and coming together will make us both complete.
Sappy and love struck enough for you?
For the record though, I never use the Jerry McGuire cliché “You complete me”!
I don’t believe love is based on either empirical data or the rationalist view.
Love just is and when you encounter the one bearing your rib you know it without much effort.
As one loveable quote puts it “Love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it’s probably s**t” Crass but true.
Love is not driven by the possessing of someone. Love cannot be based on manipulation.
Love is a free flow that, try as you may, this flow cannot be stemmed.
Often love emerges from the most unlikely places. Often, at the most unlikely, perfect time.
Just so you know, this is not a dissertation for love. Love does not need anyone to sing its praises or make a case for it.
These are my thoughts on love and my experience of love. Of course you may have read or heard this dialogue before, maybe more than once (don’t worry I didn’t plagiarise it!) you’ve probably heard it before from the “others”. The ones who love have found who love has embraced.
The ones who smile everyday because they get to feel the wonderful life giving force of love.
You may have heard it from those who are the lucky ones.
And oh, by no means the least, with love come really great sex and “closed eyes and lose yourself in me” kisses. Ya know…epic because it’s powered by heart and soul?