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I am often randomly inspired by the little things that bring me joy.
The thought of someone special, or of some milestone that I achieved.
Today however, I reflected on my childhood and the things I really enjoyed doing.
All my life, one can always find my nose in a book. The voracious reader I have always been.
Today’s reflection took me to some of the comic books and cartoons I loved as a child.
Does anyone remember Grape Ape? That lovable purple giant who would excitedly shout, Grape ape! Grape ape! Grape ape! In rapid succession?

Everyone I have asked does not remember that there was ever such a cartoon character.
I then proceed to feel as old as the hills for like a full sixty seconds!
I loved that cartoon! Just as Grape Ape would bounce around and everything within a mile of him would leap two feet off the ground, so was the case in my living room with me jumping around!
And then there were my Archie comic books. Ahhh…the love affair and fights between Archie, Betty and Veronica. And there is Jughead, you gotta love him!
The narcissistic Reggie, just to name a few.
Oh, and I cannot exclude Moose, your friendly neighbourhood bully and his girlfriend Midge.

Casper the friendly Ghost and all his cute and “ghostly” adventures.
And who can forget Bugs Bunny!

And for the odd times when I did not pull rank and I conceded to my brother’s pleas, there was Superman, Spiderman, and the Avengers.

Did I clue you in yet that there was only one television in the house and it was black and white?
Our imagination and keen listening skills gave us the colour.
The purple of Grape Ape, The red of Spidey’s costume and the Plethora of colours in Veronica’s many pricy outfits.
I am having so much fun writing this post, all the wonderful memories has me smiling and the people around me keep giving me curious glances and are probably thinking, “She must be penning a love letter to her beau”.
I loved my childhood more than I hated it and these are some of the things that made it so awesome.
Do you have sweet memories of your childhood? Share them with us, add a comment, we would love to hear them.