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It all started with, of all things a Boot Camp. One of my favourite Canadian physical trainers Tommy Europe and approximately 40 gals and guys in search of an epic level of physical fitness met in north Toronto.
And of course there was the DJ, who arrived on that chilly November afternoon fighting the flu but nonetheless ready to rock the house.
November 3, 2012 it was, and today makes one year plus a day.

This was an important day for me for many reasons but I wondered whether it should be publicly chronicled or not, but when I saw “The Daily Post” topic for this week’s writing challenge was “Moved by Music” I knew what I had to do. No brainer.
It was on this wintry day I was really introduced to the warmth of house music.

As the Boot Camp went underway, and all my muscles started to protest and Tommy barked at us via a megaphone (yes there was a megaphone, remember I said Boot Camp!) I heard the music over the din of guttural groans and calls for help from the Gods.
This music was different. I took notice.
I am a bit of a shopper (shopaholic sounds so crass!), so I have heard house music a lot in department stores as I course the aisles, but was never prompted into further exploration of the music.

A few days after the Boot Camp, the link was provided and I downloaded my first mix of house music.
My exploration began and this wonderful journey led me to be introduced to the epic album “Where have I known you before”
“Where have I known you before” is a jazz fusion album by Chick Corea, an American jazz and fusion pianist, keyboardist, and composer.
where have i known you

In the 1970s he formed the band Return to Forever along with Herbie Hancock, Mcoy Tyner and Keith Jarrett, he has been described as one of the major jazz piano voices to emerge in the post John Coltrane era.
chick corea

Now, I have always been a lover of music and believe it or not “MusicMovesMe” is my most beloved hashtag!
Of all the musical genres, Jazz has always been a favourite of mine but I have never really delved into jazz fusion.
This Boot Camp DJ led me to this wonderful album and the track “Song to the Pharaoh Kings” and I fell in love!
This track is the longest on the album at 14 minutes 21 seconds and it is heaven.
When I first listened to it, I described it as sexy music, but while I still do find it sexy it is also one of the most beautiful instrumental compilations I have ever heard.
Chick Corea’s rather long keyboard intro is amazing and sets one to drool!
This has been my “new” favourite for the last year and that’s not going to change anytime soon.
I love journeys taken via the scenic route and musical journeys are no exception.
The Trainer…The Boot Camp…The DJ…The Music
It’s a fantastic thing of Beauty.