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In the deep recesses of my soul I find assurance.
I am assured of what is real and true.
This is the place where I am when I know your heart.
Where… I know my heart.

The soul…within there is no ego.
This place…self is slain.
Within the depths of my soul, I welcome your soul.
We meet, we commune and find rest.

There is only you and me in this place.
No onlookers, no assumptions nor presumptions.
Time and place is right.
No wrinkle, no blemish.

There is life and energy where we meet.
Soul to Soul.
Infinite inspiration, better with time.
Soul meeting…not like dreams. More like real.

The soul connect drives the heart.
It is the seat of Love.
Untamed, it rages, breaking its banks.
Mammoth task to restrain.

The Soul is where one is certain of love.
The Knowing lives deep in this Soul.
There are no questions.
Where all answers lie
The Soul is certain. The soul is sure.