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Altar –  (Hebrew: מזבח‎, mizbe’ah, “a place of slaughter or sacrifice”) You’re thinking religion, right? This post is not about religion by any stretch, but it is about the figurative altars we construct in our lives each day, month, year. Each decade. These altars are where we slaughter our dreams and offer them up to the Gods. Where we sell our souls.

Really!? This happens? you might ask. Yes it does, when we are not confident in our skills, talents. When we lack belief in ourselves and think that we are not enough. Then begins the sacrifice, the “killing” of our very selves for whatever we think will take us to our pot of gold. People do it everyday, it seemingly is a natural part of our daily lives. In reality it is the most unnatural of activities and goes against the very grain of nature and life.

Superficially this seems easier to do, a shortcut to getting to where we are headed. Its beginning to sound not so bad now, isn’t it? Shortcuts aren’t bad, after all they get us to where we want to go a lot faster? For me though, I like the scenic route. I have a penchant for enjoying the journey. I want to do it with a smile and not a grimace. But, to each his own right? That’s why we have our free will.

However, I observe each day and I think about what I see and sometimes I write about it. The revelation is not only about what we do but a lot more about what we don’t do. I have been blessed (hmmm…) with the ability to see and sense more than most people. This observation does not involve much effort on my part, it kind of seeks me out. This is not necessarily good or bad. It has its moments. It kind of gives you a visual into someone’s mind, heart even. Sounds like a crock right! Yeah, sometimes to me too! But its real. Maybe its a supercharged intuition, I don’t know. But enough about me.

The daily sacrifice some make, reduces everything to a business transaction. Everyone doing what they have to. We throw friends under the proverbial bus, or in the landfill. We forget where we come from and the only contribution our beginnings make to our lives is to bring us shame and make us want to erase it if we could. The career, the job, the relationship, even the kids. Everything a game of strategy. The Chessboard of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am neither a paragon of virtue nor perched on the proverbial soapbox. But who I am is one intent on taking the scenic route along my journey. The enjoying of life is what makes it beautiful. I remember clearly the pain I felt when a respected and well loved member of my family, now retired, told me, “If I die now, I would have lost out…on almost everything…I did everything I had to and nothing I wanted to…” This family member amassed wealth over his lifetime and did everything because it was logical and “made sense”.

Listen…I like money and the things It buys you and I also like when things make sense. What I do not like, and will not do, is sacrifice my happiness on any of these altars. I would not recommend it either. What I would recommend is being confident in yourself, loving yourself. A lack of confidence is the destruction of everything. Believe in yourself and your abilities, talent and creativity. Its the only way to go and its a wonderful beginning to your Greatness.