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Not a commodity… Not a positional good.
Not affected by the law of diminishing returns.
No…These would be the worlds’ logic and they call it Love.

The worlds’ “Love” is the libation of the manipulative… The possessor.
The worlds’ love, everything from the head… A merger… Buying all the shares. Economics.
Love true is from the heart, that beating, alive mass of muscle that is never unsure.

Unsure is in the head.
The heart unequivocally knows, intrinsically, innately so.
Love from the heart is free, not manipulated, not contrived.

Untemplated, not akin to the cookie cutter.
Different and powerful. Throws you off your feet.
The stuff of miracles.

You cannot lose your smile.
Your heart skips beats and does its happy dance.
Yes… This is love in all it’s glory. THIS is love true.