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As you sit and face the artist, Why do you smile Mona?
Do you smile for secrets you know.
For untold words shared with just two.

The painter knows. He paints your heart.
He captures your smile. All you feel inside.
Enigma’s smile is on your lips.

The longed for lover..are you Mona?
That one far away.
Mona the painter’s renaissance.

It took a long time for you Mona
The good things always do.
To taste. To savour. Mona’s flavour.

Captivated by your smile
Broken hearted painter
I took many years Mona

The mystery in your smile
The mystery in your eyes
The painter knows

The painter paints
He leaves
Always returns to his portrait

His perfect Mona
Smiling eyes, smiling lips
Waiting to be complete