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You will never know what I know
What you need to know you already do.
Denial rife, provides rest for the weary mind.

Me… myself I’ve got nothing to prove.
Unique I am. I stir your curiosity.
The fences get higher
“Oh dear” I mutter in derisive chagrin.
Fences, barbed and electrified only works on the physical.
Did you know that?

Now you wish you had a super power.
Mind control maybe.
That would work…that would keep me out.
You take winding roads, deep curves, through dense thicket but I still see you coming.
“Did I mention the knowing…that innate ability”?

This is not about the touch
Yeah you don’t get it.
Is it hard to be more visible and also less visible.
That torturous duality.
To endure the gaze that looks past into the distance.
To wonder about tiniest details.
Is there meaning, is it random, what is that?

The answer is clear.
But there is an army in place, on guard at the borders.
The masses in readiness
I stand and view the war being fought.
It is not with me.
You are at war with self.

You think and you feel, unable to say.
Life lived with fear because you know
It is on the edge tipping
All that is needed is one feather
Then all is lost, if the feather lands
The gorge awaits
The cliff will relinquish
And all will be rubble, dust rising
All is a shamble, the end has come