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People fascinate me. As I observe everyone, I am reminded of a very large canvas in three dimensional form. Very much NOT still life.
I observe the differences of what is, to what is said, and I find it rather amusing.
A representation of the “coat” we cover ourselves with, warding off the outside elements.
To my detriment or benefit… or both, I am the accidental clairvoyant.
I can see, hear and feel most things people hide. This unbidden voyeurism is both curse and blessing.
Ok…no psychic abilities here! Just a heightened insight I guess.
Some say it has to do with the stars, planets and which star is in what element at what time!
This ability makes some people a little bit apprehensive and intimidated but the smart ones know how great this really is!
I am forever intrigued by the interesting maze of the human psyche and back when I studied Public Relations I learned about the Johari Window.
And while I am not obsessed with many things, I am obsessed with this psychology tool. Ohh…and shoes…I am obsessed with shoes. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I present, The Johari Window. 

New Image
The Johari technique was created by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955 in the United States, and is used to help people better understand their relationship with self and others.
This heuristic tool has me captivated as it falls right in line with my dedication to authentic living. The working hypothesis, a bunch of insight and we can’t forget, empirical data!
Sadly… I find some people one dimensional and boring and discovering them just doesn’t hold much intrigue for me. Not to say that they are boring to everyone, which just wouldn’t be right…would it?!
Now the interesting human being!
Everyday is new and you never know what is going to arrive at your doorstep. There is a smorgasbord of goodness, preferably Chocolate (don’t ask) just awaiting discovery!
I’m glad people fascinate me, animated and arriving in different colours, shapes and sizes.
It reminds me of a quilt, so many different pieces put together to function as one and however hard it may be, they all just have to get along.
Although… I’ve seen many a quilt with rips in the seams, did the blue colour not like being beside the red print… beside the yellow check…beside the gingham… hmmm…