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Wikipedia – “Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence.”

” The word derives from Greek μουσική (mousike; “art of the Muses”).

Whenever I think Music, the word EPIC! comes to mind. Epic not because its always high energy or always evoke happy feelings or thoughts. Music is epic because it touches you, moves you…to tears…to love…to feeling.

I smile when I see the origins of the word Music… “Art of the Muses…”, I find that so very appropriate and applicable. Yeah…I’m still smiling as I write this.

You see…in addition to the English language, I speak Music. I am a student of the alto sax and sing a bit but those abilities has nothing to do with my declaration of being able to speak Music.

Not every musician create music from the soul, some put chords and rhythms together for commercial purposes only and its all very clinical.

NOW…lets talk about the soul creator, the musician who pulls from every feeling of love, pain, joy , sorrow and lay it down in their music in such a tangible way that as you listen to the music, you are there on every journey. You feel everything that was laid in that piece and you are taken back in time.

I feel it all.  I speak Music.

I reminds me of a film I saw some time ago, called “The Red Violin“ The violin maker lost his wife and he created this violin. All of the sorrow he felt at the loss of his beloved wife went into the making of this instrument, he even used some of her blood to create the unique red varnish!

Over the years as the violin passed from one owner to the next, the playing of the instrument would evoke the sorrow which was poured into its making.

My point is this…I love when a musician gives me something I can feel. When I listen, I get transported to a place where the events are real, the feelings are real, all is tangible and I get to touch it and feel it. I get to journey with the creator. I feel it.

Like the Musician has to create with soul for the music to be felt, this music can only be felt by one who is listening with soul. Its a two way street. The soul in the music cannot be heard by the listener who is empty.

This is the Music. This is the Art of the Muse. The Musician. The Soul Creator. The Mind Creative.