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You have no fear that the girls know who you are, that they feel who you are.
The girls will never hurt you. They will never leave you.
For sure the girls love you without condition. There is no doubt.

Playing games of mind, games of lies…no never the girls.
The girls appreciate every act of love, every kind touch, there is never any
outcry of “That’s not enough…I deserve more!”

The girls play hide and seek, peek-a-boo and tickle…tickle.
These are the girls.
They sense when you need a hug and they give it.
When you leave they miss you, when you come back they are ecstatic.

They girls love talking to you because they know you understand.
You love the girls and they love you.
They never manipulate…Well…maybe just a little…They are girls!
Little guilt trips…attention seeking
That’s about it.

The chicas are like little cuddle bunnies.
The classic “lovey dovey”
You don’t mind.
There is freedom with the girls, vulnerable is ok.
The girls… they never change.

The girls wake you up with kisses, begging for belly rubs.
“Scratch my ears…will you Papa…”
“Come on we wanna play…”

The girls sit with you while you work.
Sometimes they wanna work…sometimes they do work!
They wait patiently for play break…for their play mate.

They like Fashion TV…the girls. I identify.
Eyes for fashion… ears for Music.
The one shy and sensitive like Papa
The other…the consummate extrovert…party animal if you please!

Live more, Love more, Give more
Without conditions.
Without frown or rebuff.
These are the Girls.
These are your Girls.