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Wikipedia says;

“A Genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight”

“Genius persons are highly talented. They differ from the majority. Genius people excel in their specialized field for example, Science, Music, Literature, Arts, Painting, Dance and Invention. They have strong natural talent. The Genius has undeterred determination to achieve his goal. A committed focused approach and effort to achievement of their goal are the main characteristics of the Genius.
The Genius loves his work.”

I have met so many people who are way beyond their time. They have the genius gene. The Creative Mind.
This is not your classic “Nerd”. This unique human being generally does not realize that they are geniuses; to them everything they do is “normal” and is just how they “do”.

There exists quite a quandary for these beautiful people, as the evolved and futuristic template of their mind is often misunderstood by many. “People just don’t get it”.
They typically don’t lie or they don’t do it very well. They don’t clutter their brain with falsehoods. The ideas they generate and proliferate sometimes has one thinking, (if you think inside the box that is!) “This has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!”

Some would say this Genius Gene exists in everyone but I disagree. My belief is that this is an innate ability…quite outside Tabula Rasa.
The Tabula Rasa knowledge theory purports that we are born with a blank slate and experiences and life builds our knowledge and “smarts”.
I’m not saying that life experiences and secular studies are not contributing factors, but that’s exactly what I believe they are…Contributing Factors!

So this “thing” that gets developed as they grow, I believe, is innate. Men like Nikola Tesla (engineering genius and “bad-ass’ in the field of scientific development), who gambled away his tuition and dropped out of University, went on to work with Thomas Edison. Arthur Rimbaud (“Off the Charts”Poet genius) also comes to mind, his entire collection of poetry was written before he was 20 years old!
These two are just the tiniest fraction of examples that exist. There are also many modern and yet to be documented examples of people housing the Genius Gene.

So I’m not saying students should all take their tuition to the casino and they will go down in history like Tesla did! Well I know you don’t think that…but just in case there is one rouge reader who thinks I have championed the University dropout as the geniuses of the world!
This example was more to my point that this Genius Gene is innate and not learned.
There are many smart people in the world which is awesome!…but the genius sticks out…Ummm…well maybe just to me as I’m a bit of a Sapiosexual!