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Truly celebrating someone is a derivative of love. It not the feigned adulation of sycophants. The true celebration has to begin with an innate understanding of what the goals of the individual mean to them, how it makes them feel, how they feel when there are obstacles to that goal, how they feel when said goals are achieved. 

There is an unexplainable energy from one to the other, so much so… you feel when they are happy, sad, disconnected and when their head is about to explode from thinking too much!

There has to be an unshakeable belief in the talent and creativity of that person. Not just an aside. A mundane and automatic “Good for you!” that rolls off the tongue.

There is no “How To” or tutorial for celebrating someone. Hence, this is not a “How To” or a Tutorial. These are just the thoughts of one who love and celebrate from a place where only the heart can.

If one has to be “clued in” as to how important someone’s particular goal is, then… I rest my case.

Ahhh… Well…I haven’t really rested… there’s more. 

Without anyone looking on, how’s the celebration? You see…people have a lot to tell others, show others, impressions to create, an image to maintain. Stuff to prove. “See…see what I did…Top that! I win!

Celebration is not about competing or “tit for tat”. “I give you only what you give me.” Don’t get me wrong, It is an awesome thing to be motivated by someone in a good way, but motivation is not about stepping into the spotlight blocking whomever is there and slyly taking credit for what is achieved. Sometimes not so slyly.  Of course,  this taking of credit is never behind closed doors but always for all to see.

And so it is… I have come full circle, because I am back to love. This is the seat of the true celebration of another. Their achievements. Their Goals. Love is the beginning of it all. Love will sustain it. Love will be there at the end. 

When I say Celebration, you’re  probably thinking of achievements wrapped in sparkles, a gala affair with bells and whistles. This however, usually come at the end or close to the end of the struggle. Celebration is when you give effort, time, attention even when you don’t actually gain from it. The ultimate selfless act. When in the rush of your day you take time to encourage…just because. Love is the subject again…you can only be that way if you truly love. 

Making yourself a human electrified fence around someone does not count as love and support. This would figure more in the line of fierce competition where in the end you hold your trophy high above your head in selfish victory.

On the subject of trophies…I cannot tell you how many I’ve seen in boxes on the side of the road next to bedraggled cast offs, with a large sign marked “Free”  But I digress.

So… there exists no intention of “trophy gaining” in true celebration.

If you can only extend for someone, make an effort for someone or “celebrate” someone, if you are “clued in” by others as to their value, goals, efforts…then without apology…I will declare… you are embracing the sycophants’ way, and your goal is a trophy. 

“True” qualifies the celebration…Love drives, and is the seat of the celebration. Love will be the sustenance and Love will undergird the struggle.