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“For my Beloved, I composed my heart. Transcribed on paper as if  removed from my chest. I am ecstatic for you. For hugs undelivered, words unsaid. Desert as far as my eyes can see. This is my oasis. Where I rejuvenate. My Catharsis. Again for you my Muse…again for you…


Hand in hand is how I walk down Parisian streets with my beloved.

Light European breeze tousles my hair… Is how I reach up to kiss my beloved.

My hands rest lightly on both cheeks… Full on the lips is how I kiss my beloved.

The beloved of my heart… Beloved of my dreams.

Love un-enhanced by things external.

Love at its purest. Love from the heart.

I dream of life with my beloved.

Driving topless down Provence country side … topless car, that is… past endless lavender fields…orange sunset in the distance. My love and I.

Dancing to our beating hearts beneath the Arc de Triomphe.

Kisses at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

We walk, my beloved and I, through long checker-floored corridors at the Abby of St Vaast… fascinated… In awe… Inspired.

My head rest lightly on the shoulder of my beloved… Hands still holding… Fingers entwined.

I am smiling… Happy.

This is what happens when I think of my love… When I am with my love.

I couldn’t stop it if I tried… My smile a manifestation of my heart… A directive to my lips… Visual of my Love.

Me… My beloved and Love.