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What a night this is! Nuit Blanche in full effect!
Oceans of people…a diverse

mixer (both Art and People.)
nuit blanche begins

Happy faces…People holding on tight, not wanting to be separated. This would be Unimaginable!
forever bicycleMe

Me having fun in a Divalicious meets Rabble Rouser kind of way. As only I can…of course! I Think they believed that I was a live art installation!

The crook of my arm into the crook of yours…all is well. Installation after installation…phone batteries dying…”How many bars do you have left…is your battery thingy still on green?…Uggh!…mine’s red!


Make a video of the WaterMark! Take a picture of that one and a video of the slideshow on the ceiling of that walkway!…that and that…that one too… My night in a nutshell. Fun Times!!