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I meet so many people on a daily basis and they all intrigue me. Some more than others. The kicker is… The ones society describes as “weird” and “crazy” are the most real, truthful and sane. Go figure!
People spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fit in and be accepted by a group they have deemed the “best”. So begins the endless …doing of homework, fetching of lunch et al. The flotsam and jetsam of firm true friends who are now not deemed “presentable” or who are now the “losers” who are no longer good enough.
Sad isn’t it?
I sound a little jaded, don’t I?
Well I actually am not… Believe it or not, these are the experiences which cause me to NOT be jaded.
Some people I meet make a greater than normal impact.
The most profound is the one who you are drawn to and is drawn to you immediately. They share profound and deep thoughts and you just know that there is truth in every word… Every share.
This desire to share and reveal is shocking to said sharer as they are very private with the serious and deep matters.
“Why the hell am I spilling…” Is the frantic question swirling in their minds.
The spill has everything to do with connection, without strong intentional force and effort to repel it, this connection is inevitable.
However, this type of private individual become… Overtime… Decidedly uncomfortable with this connection and to quell the emotions and feelings they are not ready to entertain, this connection has to be severed.
Not gradually and tenderly in kind increments, but severed with swift determination like a street vendor with sharp machete lopping the top off a fresh jelly coconut for a thirsty customer!
Yeah… Just like that! And yeah I’m from the Caribbean… I know what I’m talking about!
What is truly sad about this type of individual though is this…in a bid to not entertain emotion and the inevitable vulnerability it brings, this individual is circling the drain.
Yes that sounds harsh but it’s so true and I learnt this at age 16. That’s when I decided that I didn’t care what people felt or said about me and I was going to be more “Bespoke” than “Made to Measure”… I had to get that Fashion reference in there… So sue me!
That was when I began my authentic journey.
I am still living it … Still loving it.
This authenticity draws some people in and keeps them close.
It repels some and keeps them in the distance.
While some stay just a little far away and occasionally pokes it to see if its still alive!
The moral of this analysis is…In order to NOT postpone or even cancel your happiness you have to make the decision to be your most authentic. Be You… Even if someone else doesn’t like it!
Delivered today from MYROMANFORUM with love and hopefully not too much sarcasm!
❤️I luvninasimone and I luv you too!